Microwave Technology Design and Manufacture Specialists of Solid State Microwave Amplifiers

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Microwave Amplifiers Covering the Frequency Range from Microwave to Millimetre-Wave


Solutions for Communications, Radar, Electronic Warfare, Industrial, Test and Measurement Systems

Welcome to Microwave Technology

Microwave Technology is a designer and manufacturer of solid state microwave amplifiers covering the frequency range from microwave to millimeter-wave.

Microwave Technology solid state microwave amplifier products are based on using Gallium Nitride (GaN) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) PHEMT die, MMIC and packaged devices. Broad and narrow bandwidth solid state microwave amplifiers are designed and manufactured by using thin film microwave integrated circuit (MIC) and soft board technologies. Microwave Technology product line consists of small signal, low noise, limiting and power amplifiers that are ITAR free. The amplifier mechanical designs are based on employing low profile outlines and offer cost effective solutions for communication, radar, EW, space, industrial, test and measurement solutions.

Microwave Technology’s mission is to provide the highest quality products for the best value, and offer flexible product features which can be equal or better in performance by comparison to similar products offered by our competitors.

Microwave Technology prides itself with working closely with its customers who are leading international original equipment manufacturers. We have developed long-term partnerships with our customers in order to offer cost effective innovative solutions in the development of  solid state microwave amplifiers.